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Welcome to Roys Organic Gardening

Hi. I'm Roy L. Morris. 65 years old and living in Amarillo Texas with my wife, Carolyn. We have raised 4 daughters and have 7 grandchildren with another on the way. We are fortunate to be living in a very large 3 bedroom trailer sitting on 3 and a half acres and having well water.

I am planning to grow a good sized organic garden and plan to have a variety of vegetables and some fruits and herbs.

I am writing an organic gardening blog to help others who are gardeners or would like to begin gardening.

I will be adding content along with some photos about my gardening and some how tos' of organic gardening.

Such things as soil preparation, composting and vermiculture (composting with worms), starting seeds indoors, tips on tomatoes, aquaponics, organic liquid fertilizer, the right garden tools, container planting, growing in small spaces, and other helpful and resourceful ideas on having your own fresh fruits and vegetables and herbs for your families use, helping your neighbors and community, along with tips about selling your product at farmers markets and various mom and pop resturaunts and grocery stores.

The main thing is to be all organic and Non GMO. You can purchase organic, non gmo seeds and soil conditioners on line and at some feed stores and plant nurserys in your town or close by.

Here is wishing you the best in gardening and keep a smile on your face and worms in your garden.

Come back often as I will be updating and adding information for some time to come.

Roy L Morris

Gardening Entrepreneur

Please visit my blog listed below!

If your thinking of buying any organic gardening products, please check out my organic gardening product review site!

Twitter account.. @greenthumbfun

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